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IRS Tax Audits – Back Tax Resolution

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Opening the mailbox to find a letter from the Internal Revenue Service is never a good feeling because it’s usually not good news. If you’ve received unsavory news from the IRS, don’t ignore it. The problem will not go away on its own. And we don’t recommend trying to resolve the issue on your own. With the full backing of the U.S. government, the IRS is a powerful force. But that doesn’t mean resolution is impossible. We at Safeguard Tax Relief LLC are IRS tax resolution professionals fully qualified to assist.

We can ensure that you are dealt with fairly, that your rights are respected, and that an equitable and favorable solution is reached regarding your tax problems. Our NC Enrolled Agent team understands the intricacies of dealing with the IRS. We can work directly with the IRS on your behalf to resolve complicated tax issues that you face.

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IRS Tax Solutions

+IRS Tax Audit Representation

Our NC Enrolled Agent team understands the audit process. We has extensive knowledge of all tax codes and regulations that must be met by individuals and businesses. Once we assess your situation, we will develop a strategy to defend your position to the IRS as we stand in on your behalf to communicate with the audit officer.

+Installment Agreement

Setting up an installment agreement with the IRS allows you to pay off your back taxes over time while remaining in good standing with the taxing authority. This is a good option for people that want to get rid of their tax debt but don't have enough money to pay it off all at once because it breaks the amount down into affordable monthly increments.

+Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise (OIC) is a unique settlement option where the IRS agrees to accept less than a taxpayer actually owes. For taxpayers that feel the assessed amount of their tax bill was unfair or for those who may never be able to pay their entire tax bill due to a financial hardship, this could be an attainable settlement option. Obviously, the IRS does not easily accept this type of offer. But, if your case meets the requirements, a skilled Enrolled Agent like Safeguard Tax Relief LLC can construct a sufficient offer.

+Penalty Reduction

Penalties incurred from filing taxes late or failing to pay taxes on time are not only frustrating but costly for many U.S. taxpayers. The IRS will sometimes agree to an abatement of these tax penalties, but most people are unaware of this provision. Before filing for penalty abatement you'll need to be sure you qualify and are able to communicate a convincing argument to the IRS. For assistance, turn to Safeguard Tax Relief LLC. We understand what types of situations will qualify a taxpayer for penalty abatement and can help you file the necessary paperwork.

+Innocent Spouse Relief

According to IRS guidelines, when a married couple files their taxes jointly, both parties are liable for the taxes owed no matter how much taxable income each person earned individually. If your spouse or former spouse made mistakes on your joint return or misrepresented a portion of the income, the IRS doesn't care who made the errors, they will go after whoever they can find first. Even if you're divorced, they will do all they can to recover back taxes, penalties, and interest. If your spouse or former spouse has put you in this unfair and potentially expensive situation, you may qualify for innocent spouse relief.

+Currently Not Collectible

This special temporary status does not forgive the tax debt but protects people dealing with major financial difficulties from potentially devastating collection methods like wage garnishment and levies. When the IRS agrees to consider your tax debt Currently Not Collectible, they won't attempt to collect their money during this time period but the penalties and interest resulting from your tax debt will continue to grow.

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